As a nonprofit organization, Kids Teaching Kidz helps schools locally, nationally and internationally tackle tough, challenging issues in the neighborhoods of the world. When kids and teachers experience the creative, non-lecture approach of the KTK program, CHANGE BEGINS TO HAPPEN!


This change happens first to the participants, who gather together in small teams to discuss and decide how to visualize and simplify the issues they face.  Then, as the creative process enlivens the issues, it generates action through participation. Next, EMPATHY develops and REAL COMMUNICATION STARTS. Finally, the student community begins to EVOLVE, learning that they too can affect change in their neighborhoods!

KTK hires certified teachers and artisans trained to conduct the workshops according to our established methods. KTK uses topics important to local communities, individuals or the world.  By using these topics, communication through the ARTS can help people start THINKING, FEELING AND WORKING TOGETHER TO CREATE REAL CHANGE, ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME!

KTK funds from grants and donations cover: KTK’s administrative costs; program development; travel; workshop development; teacher training; supplies; workshop costs for teachers and students in all parts of the world. Also covered are gifts to each school or organization, promoting our KTK after school clubs and naming all donors and sponsors of KTK workshops.  A gift of a KTK  digital frame encourages  immediate public display of student’s work.

ALL WORKSHOPS ARE FREE OF CHARGE to all schools in exchange for their commitment to publicly exhibit  the students’ works of art. These displays are within the community for up to a year or more for each school district. The result of these displays is genuine “Art and Communication,” designed to encourage positive and lasting change. Costs of the exhibits are absorbed by the schools or organizations.

We will encourage the continuation of the initial KTK visit and workshops through the development of a KTK AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM.  Each club will use an educationally SAFE WIKI (INTERNET) SITE for each organization. Students will be supervised by one or two KTK teacher coordinators and trained high school / college students (paid by KTK). Also, a large FREE KTK SCHOOL BANNER  and a FREE DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME are provided to each participating organization displaying all donors and sponsors.

Each  KTK CLUB could be a tagged onto an existing club (such as an environmental or social issues club) or stand alone as a club that solves social issues  peacefully, using the ARTS. These clubs communicate their progress to each other and share research information on big issues and exhibit their successes by going online using our  educational safe WIKI site. Together, through blogging, observing and problem solving they can creatively solve BIG, HOT (HIGHER ORDER THINKING), global, neighborhood  issues, ONE ISSUE AT A TIME! We can make a difference!