Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has developed a full business plan, as a working document, with six possible financial funding scenarios that we could work within, increasing management positions to match requested needs.


Please note our Three Prong Approach to building KTK is: Fundraising, Workshops and Community Outreach, using “a balanced approach with incremental growth.” To support the demand for the workshops, we will increase the overall budget each year and extend our funding outreach to match our projected managerial and operational needs, over a three-year period.

All KTK funding will be raised from the following sources:

* Crowdsourcing – on-line site to be determined

* Small and medium sized businesses neighboring the requesting school

* Large businesses and corporations within the region

* Grants, foundations and other philanthropic organizations worldwide

Funding from these sources will support KTK as follows:

* All costs for teachers, transportation and supplies for the free workshops

* To fully support the day to day operations of this nonprofit, NGO’s management

* To meet the overall educational objectives of KTK, after school clubs and incentives


A forty month, Funding Ladder will be implemented, to encourage comfortable donor funding at all levels, from all geographic locations.

The KTK Startup will be able to begin with any level of funding, to balance any number of requests. An example is a recent request from the Friendship Life Link Schools in Ghana, Africa. They submitted a Formal Letter of Request for KTK ARTS and Social Issues Workshops, to begin September 2014. Currently KTK has been requested by the Hartford YMCA and the Hartford Peace Builders to train older Hartford Youth to teach Nonviolence method’s using the ARTS. KTK has been taught to the Quinebaug Middle College High School for twice a week for the last three years with their KTK ARTS messages exhibited throughout their new School and the creation of their “Teen Discussions” series, as student interns with a local Cable TV.

Our KTK Work Plan has many other similar requests, locally, nationally and internationally for us to pursue upon obtaining outside funding to make our KTK Interactive Workshops FREE to schools and organizations. Why FREE? Because our KTK collaborative workshops produce immediate results and demonstrate teaching methods that really create commitment, compassion and empathy, in one easy lesson.


As part of the business incentive package, an attractive certificate of completion that names the supportive donors, businesses and foundations, will be given to each workshop participant. Also, we hope to be able to give each school a digital picture frame with a flash drive of their workshop event to showcase in their community and a 3 by 6 foot banner, which will be prominently displayed by their KTK After School Club. This banner will include the names of all community and international sponsors. A KTK

Financial Team will deem appropriate, all incentive packages for certain levels of our funding ladder.

The culmination of each KTK schools’ participation will be the public display of their works of art to raise awareness within their community concerning their immediate social issues. An online Gallery, of each KTK Workshops creations, with will allow students, friends and relatives to purchase copies of their recently created art messages on mugs and t-shirts, etc. to spread the messages within each community. Any funds raised will go to help defray the costs of KTK Free workshops. Our KTK Communications Department will highlight the results of all workshops using our website, social media and local, national and international coverage including naming all sponsors.

Our KTK SWOT statement, located in our business plan, has clearly outlined all our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We have many strengths and opportunities. Our only weakness is a lack of funds to move forward. KTK has no threats from other organizations since our KTK goal is to create associations, and build cooperation and collaboration with other nonprofits, schools and organizations.

Our Mission: To create a FREE global educational program, empowering the students to communicate the importance of social change, peacefully using the power of the Arts to teach others relevant, life-changing information.

Our Goals: To link students and each KTK After School Club, worldwide via the web, through a safe, educational WIKI site.

Our Vision: To develop empathy, compassion and commitment for social issues, within a team of students, using the ARTS.

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