Student KTK Art Exhibit at Hartford Capital

KTK Major Student Art Exhibit
At: The Hartford State Capital
Moving Walkway, Admin/Building

Date: October 14-31st, 2015
See it before it closes the 31st!

“A MUST See Student Exhibit!!.” “Colorful , meaningful, inspiring to think teams of students can work together to teach others!” “Super results, if students develop compassion, commitment , empathy and respect for big social issues, it’s their future! ” -Amie Densmore

Topics include:

Anti Bullying,
Martin Luther King Youth Pledges of Nonviolence
Character Development
Healthy Living
Climate Change
Gay Straight Alliance

Involving the Following CT Schools:

*Quinebaug Middle College High School/Eastconn Alternative
Dayville Ct. Gr10,11,12 2010-14
*Pomfret Community School
Pomfret Ct. Gr 5,6,7,8 of 2006
*Peacebuilders/Compass Org
Hartford Ct. Gr 10-12
*Hartford Wilson Gray YMCA
Brother Carl’s Teens 2014

Kids Teaching Kidz
Amie Densmore
Founder/ Educator (Certified Ct Art Teacher)
44 Stoddard Rd
pomfret Center Ct

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The Future We Are Creating

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Kids Teaching Kidz uses FREE interactive ARTS workshops to peacefully solve social issues locally, nationally and globally, developing empathy, compassion and commitment.

The Future We Are Creating

What problem do you see in the world that you plan to fix? What change do you want to create in the world? Why is it important that people support you in addressing this issue?

The BIG social issues of today’s society overwhelm the youth of today. They are only too aware, helplessly involved and crying out for help in some form. They cannot be left alone in this mega-dilemma that is becoming more complex and confusing every day. These youth are actually willing and ready to get involved and help make change happen! KTK gives our young people the tools and a creative way to help, by encouraging and empowering them to be facilitators of change.

Kids Teaching Kidz assists children and youth to find their voices and express themselves through the use of various forms of the ARTS. The students are given opportunities to collaborate, problem solve and find solutions to their local, social issues. They express themselves successfully using the Arts, no matter what level of artistic ability they possess. They give their completed works of art to their community to teach others thus empowering the students to continue the process, knowing their voices will be heard in their community. Older students are encouraged to become KTK Student Interns, teaching younger students how to identify and solve social issues using the ARTS.

Since 2004, KTK Workshops have been successfully presented for FREE by Amie Densmore. Everywhere she has traveled her program has been attended with enthusiasm. She has refined and recorded the success in all demographic locations.

KTK has just become a CT Nonprofit with a fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems, Inc. from California. We have many requests to give workshops and now need to fundraise for start-up funds to fulfill these Workshop requests.

YOUR donation and support TODAY is the only way that KTK Interactive ARTS Workshops can be given for FREE to schools and organizations. Your donation will cover materials, travel, food, teachers and student interns in fact, ALL our basic needs for each workshop request!

How We Are Creating It

Here’s your chance to expand on your elevator pitch. Now that you’ve explained what you want to improve in the world, tell your supporters how you plan to do so. What makes your venture unique? Tell us the steps you’ll take, and convince us that you’ve got a world-changing solution.

This is our Start-up fundraising phase! We have received requests to do Workshops in many places: Ghana, India, and the United States. Without your financial help Kids Teaching Kidz cannot provide the workshops.


No matter what level of artistic ability a student possesses, they can express themselves successfully as a participant in the KTK Interactive ART Workshop process. When a student sees their ART displayed as a “standing stone” in their community, it really does empower them, creating true commitment not only to that particular issue but to future issues as well. KTK facilitates a group process that fosters collaboration and higher order thinking using the multiple intelligences, thus including all participants!

Youth of all ages learn visualization techniques and ways to immediately simplify big issues. In one, two-hour workshop you can see the development of empathy and compassion as well as commitment to the social issue. Students work together to create powerful works of art which once completed, are willingly given away to their community for display, in order to encourage change.

Older students can become paid KTK Student Interns, teaching younger students how to solve their unique social issues using interactive arts. They can facilitate after school, tag-on clubs and use the KTK safe educational WIKI site, which links all our KTK students worldwide. These students can blog about their artistic successes and share their research on the unique, social issues that they face.

KTK will become a job creator, leaving behind trained KTK Student Interns and supervising KTK Teachers everywhere we go, thus creating a web of peaceful social change advocates: locally, nationally and globally.

Thank you for your help and kind support at this major turning point, our financial start up, in the development of Kids Teaching Kidz. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU out there for supporting us today!

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Introduce yourself! Yes, your Mom will be visiting your page on SSG but so will tons of people you don’t know yet. Tell them your story, your background, and your inspiration. If you have a team working together, describe how you met and if you’ve worked on other projects together previously. People love to get a sense of the people behind a venture, so give a human face to your work!

Amie Densmore’s passion for creating empathy, compassion and commitment for social change in students of all ages, using all of the ARTS has taken KTK to where it is today!

So, who is she…?

Amie Densmore, BFA, MFA, is a certified educator, artist and the founder of KTK. She has been successfully facilitating interactive Art workshops to both schools and organizations for FREE since 2004, refining and recording the success in all demographic locations.  She has taught KTK workshops twice in India by invitation, conducted KTK Workshops on Bullying, Climate Change, Healthy Living, Go Green-Get Going, Kingian Nonviolence and Character Development. Amie has worked with turnaround schools in Chicago and taught teacher workshops for the New England League of Middle Schools and has taught in India.

Amie is a social entrepreneur and visionary. Her love for problem solving, futuristic thinking, creative contemplation and the arts, pervades her life and that of all others she knows. Amie’s latest brainchild, Kids Teaching Kidz continues her quest as an innovator. KTK is a unique global teaching program, in which children become the teachers and global issues become understandable, manageable, and surmountable.

Amie is now teaching KTK in an Alternative High School in Connecticut. Her students are inspired by the various topics and social issues that are chosen and discussed such as Violence in Society and Character Development. She is also preparing to serve the Hartford Connecticut Youth in order to help solve the problem of violence in their own community using KTK methods and the ARTS. As well,  KTK has been requested to go to Ghana Life-Link Friendship-Schools in September 2014. KTK will visit city and rural schools to train older students in the KTK methods in order to teach the younger ones. They will help them solve their unique, social issues using the ARTS, thus giving them  a voice in their community.

Amie’s caravan of followers, admirers and supporters are: new and old friends; co-workers; teachers; administrators; students; and the general public that have witnessed the success and effect of each two-hour KTK Interactive Workshop. Her favorites kidz are her students that formed the first KTK High School Board of Directors in 2013. They are the ones who selected the issues, simplified them, created with them and researched them using a safe educational wiki site. Their new High School building is filled to the brim only with their own KTK ART, sending vital messages to their fellow students. How effective is that? Ask them – they say it makes their school so different!  These are the KTK Kidz who volunteer to teach other kids everywhere Amie goes. She especially loves to hear all the objective statements from the “outsiders” looking in, who comment on the amazing messages coming out of the workshops and the immediate effect on the kids!

Amie carries art materials and digital equipment with her on all her journeys and delights in the effects these workshops have on the participants. Since 2004 she has spread Kids Teaching Kidz far and wide, single-handed, but now she is ready to train other believers in the KTK methods, using the ARTS to solve BIG issues. She cannot do this alone!

Amie has developed an online Global Board of Trustees and is now supported by a Fiscal Sponsor, Inquiring Systems, Inc. in Sonoma, California, a nonprofit since 1978. KTK is proud to have been one of their selected NGO’s.  Now we can start fundraising!

Amie says, “There should be no competition between nonprofits even when they are working on the same social issues. Our common goal as nonprofits is giving what we can to humanity. We cannot weave the exact same tapestry. We must all weave as many tapestries as we can. This is a big world, we cannot all cover the same ground. Our youth and our world are in great need!”

KTK has developed a website and smugmug site, along with a promotional package and brochure for schools and social media, to document and promote our work. We are ready to work for our youth, who in turn will work for humanity. But we need as much financial help from the People of the World as we can get.

At this point we have no grants or foundation funding. Every $10. contribution adds up and is very much appreciated, to support Kids Teaching Kidz. With your financial help, we can truly make a difference in the lives of the students we touch and continue to give our workshops for FREE!

We will send each and every one of you, as KTK Supporters, our beautiful KTK Certificate of Thanks, for you to download and print out.

Thank you so very much!

Amie Densmore,

Educator and Founder of Kids Teaching Kidz