CEO, Founder


Ms. Densmore is an artist and an art educator, with a BFA and a MFA in education. She taught 29 years at Pomfret Community School and lives in the “Quiet Corner” of  N.E. Connecticut. Her school was a designated Connecticut HOT  School (Higher Order Thinking), and she was trained in the TRIBES approach for student team building (advanced cooperative learning).

In her first five years of teaching, Amie taught at an experimental, non-graded, open classroom elementary school. This set the stage for the development of her innovative teaching style: teaching art, objectives, materials and methods using creative problem solving techniques coordinated with classroom curriculum. As a teacher at the Pomfret Community School, using both the HOT School and the TRIBES Cooperative Learning approach, her teaching methods continued to develop. She was also fortunate to have gained experience teaching at an urban Alternative High School, more than once, adding to her innovative teaching style.

Amie is currently continuing to teach a KTK program she designed for both high school and college level classes, entitled “Exploring Global Cultures and Their Issues Using The ARTS”  written for a Fulbright Grant proposal. A second course entitled, “I Have A Dream- KTK Art Workshops,” was was inspired by two Martin Luther King, International Kingian Nonviolence Trainer Workshops.  Ms. Densmore is a certified trainer on two levels,  through the University of Rhode Island, Peace Studies Department (2011, 2012).

Growing up, Amie was influenced by her mother, a highly developed artist and art educator, who fostered Amie’s love for museums, art history, architecture, liturgical art, drawing, painting and photography. By the age of 16, thanks to the generosity of her grandmother, Amie opened her first studio.  Funded by capital provided by her grandmother (her first venture capitalist) Amie specialized in detailed “cloisonné” enameling of both liturgical art and fine jewelry, which she sold at high-end retail stores in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Her love for nature and the outdoors, led to exhibitions of her Master’s Degree Art entitled, “La Joie des Fleur”. Her latest drawings and paintings are highly developed, detailed watercolors of birds and pastels of animals and scenes within the forests, using only red, yellow and blue paints. She has also created travel landscapes and seascapes while sailing with her husband along the east coast of New England.

Ms. Densmore received an honorable mention for a 5 million dollar business plan she developed as an entrepreneur for her own multi-media magazine venture, in the early 90’s. In the early 80’s, she designed an innovative, passive solar, energy efficient house, that received a government design award. It was built by her husband and is their present home. In the late 70’s she was an owner and chef of a vegetarian, natural foods, restaurant in scenic Mystic CT. In conclusion, her love for problem solving, futuristic thinking, and creative contemplation pervades her life and the lives of others, as she moves forward with Kids Teaching Kidz as a growing social entrepreneurial organization.