Our Mission:   To create a free local, national & global educational program that uses the power of the ARTS to peacefully communicate the importance of social change in communities.

Our Goals: To link each KTK school worldwide through a safe, educational, WIKI site, using workshops and after school clubs to promote change.

  Our Vision: To develop empathy, compassion and commitment for social issues, within a team of students, using the ARTS.



We CARE and we know YOU CARE!
When you support Kids Teaching Kidz, YOU help us generate COMMITMENT, EMPATHY and COMPASSION in kids in just one, workshop!

Please consider supporting KTK by making a SINGLE DONATION to program costs or make
RECURRING MONTHLY DONATIONS (via Paypal) to help sustain the organization year-round.

If you would like to MAIL A DONATION to Kids Teaching Kidz: In care of our Fiscal Sponsor – Inquiring Systems Inc. Address: P.O. Box 2037, Sonoma, California 9547
OR – In Care of: Union Bank Address: 400 California Street, San Francisco CA, 94104 ATTN: For Deposit Only into Kids Teaching Kidz/Inquiring Systems Inc. Fiscal Sponsor Business Bank Account


When You Donate You Will Receive:

  • A Beautiful Personalized Kids Teaching Kidz Thank You Certificate
  • Along With a KTK/ISI Fiscal Sponsor Tax-Free Certificate
  • A KTK Coupon Certificate to Shop at Our Online Store for a gift of your choosing – KTK Student Art on Social Issues