“Whatever level Amie teaches, she attempts to bring a true appreciation and understanding of all the arts…. She believes in integrating art into all subject areas and exposes her students to important developmental skills as well as braod concepts.”

– Richard E. Packman
Superintendent of Schools,
Pomfret, CT


“As a teacher, Amie is very aware of the individual needs of the students and uses her innate knowledge of the whole child and creativity to drive her instruction.”

– Jane O. Dion
Prin., Pomfret Comm. School
Pomfret, CT


“I was impressed with Amie’s quiet, calm yet firm ability to teach such a tough group of individuals. [She] introduced ideas and thought provoking issues and questions that drew in the student’s attention and enthusiasm almost immediately.”

– Ana M. Lameiro
Art Educator, Pre-K – 2


“This programme helped in fostering children’s creativity, self esteem and develop the original vision of creating a vehicle to celebrate children[‘s] art work and Democratic Voice.”

– A. David
Principle of Darshan Academy


“Your presence and words of wisdom have left a lasting impression on all of us.”

– A.K. Sachdeva
President, Darshan Ed. Foundation