Amie Densmore, BFA, MFA, certified educator and founder of KTK, has been successfully facilitating these workshops to both schools and organizations for free since 2004, refining and recording the success in all demographic locations. She has taught KTK Workshops twice in India by invitation, conducted KTK Workshops on Character Development. Bullying, Climate Change and Healthy Living, Go Green-Get Going, Kingian Nonviolence and has worked with turnaround schools in Chicago and taught teacher workshops for the New England League of Middle Schools, as well as in India.

The time is right for Kids Teaching Kidz, as we are now an official State of CT. Nonprofit and NGO, with an International Board of Trustees, meeting online using gotomeeting.com. KTK is proud to be Fiscally Sponsored by Inquiring Systems Inc. of Sonoma CA., while awaiting our Federal 501c3. The KTK Bylaws have been written to support the board to continue to direct and develop the vision, goals and objectives of Kids Teaching Kidz.

A KTK Student Board of Directors has also been formed with 23 active high school students, to simplify social issues and create a student based educational WIKI site between schools. Using KTK’s effective teaching methods, the educational goals of problem solving, cooperative learning, student commitment to big social issues, developing compassion and empathy can be met. Kids Teaching Kidz is always ready to assist requesting schools and organizations for free, once fundraising begins!

All KTK Workshops are aligned to state and US national common core curriculum standards. KTK employs certified and retired teachers, artisans, high school and college students wherever KTK is requested. They lead workshops in their communities at all levels, from elementary to college and continued education. They also assist in forming after school clubs. These clubs will be connected to other KTK participating schools, using a safe, educational WIKI site, for blogging and communication of their artistic and social accomplishments, as well as sharing knowledge and unique global solutions.

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