This is Our Story:

Kids Teaching Kidz facilitates FREE local, national and global interactive, hands-on workshops for students and teachers, where big issues become understandable and solutions are found!

Campaign Overview

KTK uses FREE Interactive ARTS Workshops to develop compassion, empathy, commitment and respect.



KTK gives FREE Interactive ARTS Workshops to any requesting schools or organizations to peacefully bring awarenes to BIG social issues!

No one student creates a KTK Work of ART: it’s a collaborative effort and students agree to GIVE their ART to their community, thereby providing relevant, life-changing information!


This is KTK’s first BIG fundraising effort after years of conducting successful workshops. We are looking for REAL START – UP $CASH to expand locally, nationally and globally 

For years, the workshops have been given for FREE by Amie Densmore, Educator/Artist & Founder. Now KTK is a Nonprofit with a global online Board of Trustees, a High School Student Board of Directors and a Fiscal Sponsor (
for recieving Tax-Free Donations.

The more money we are able to raise toward our $10,000 Goal, the more our
Start-Up $Cash can  support:
both new and continuing FREE KTK Interactive ARTS Workshops, for students from Grade 3 (8 yrs) and up. This will include establishing
KTK After-School Clubs
with one supervising teacher and two paid High School Student Interns. They would teach KTK ARTS Workshops to younger students in area schools and and develop a KTK Student Board of Directors, communicating with other global
schools using our safe Educational WIKI site.


Amie wants all KTK Interactive ARTS Workshops to continue to be FREE!  WHY?

Schools, teachers and organizations are extremely busy and strapped for funds. KTK gives students an opportunity to experience learning that fosters collaboration using core curriculum combined with the ARTS.
In just one FREE workshop, teachers and assistants  experience the KTK interactive, collaborative methods. These methods encourage the use of
higher order thinking skills and teach to the multiple intelligences.

KidsTeaching Kidz encourages children and youth to find their voice and express themselves through the use of various forms of the ARTS, no matter what level of artistic ability they possess.


Through the display of their work, the students are empowered to continue the process, knowing their voices will be heard in their communities, thus raising awareness of social issues and promoting change.

Note: We recently created a KTK Online Art Gallery / Store:
  where the works created by students can be purchased on magnets, mugs and t shirts.
This will send the social messages deeper into their communities and will help KTK earn a few dollars to support our workshops.

If you DONATE to KTK you can shop for YOUR ‘Social Issues’ REWARD !



*** Life Link Friendship Schools of Ghana –

Life Link of Ghana has requested:
TWO FULL DAY, KTK INTENSIVE TRAINING Workshops in April & May 2015, one each in NYC & DC for
 their Life Link Model UN Students on several of Ghana’s big issues: Health/Sanitation, Illegal Mining Impact and the Challenges of Ghana’s Girls.

THE MINIMUM WE NEED IS $3,000 to do the KTK Ghana programming in NYC & DC. This also includes a KTK Teacher, basic food & transportation, KTK H.S. Student Interns and money for long
distance transportation & accommodations.

For the 2nd consecutive year, The Life Link Friendship Schools of Ghana have also REQUESTED that KTK come to Ghana for 1 month to facilitate Interactive ARTS
Workshops to train their Model UN students to teach other students in Accra and outlying rural schools about Ghana’s major social issues. KTK was unable to attend this year (October 2014) due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Cost would have been $5,000.
We hope to go next year if possible.

PLEASE NOTE:  KTK has reached thousands (1000+) of students so far, for FREE! We can teach 60 students at each half-day KTK ARTS Workshop! 




OUR KTK “TIPPING POINT” of $2,500 would pay for:  EIGHT
(8) KTK half-day, Interactive ARTS Workshops to requesting schools & organizations. This would accommodate 640 students or more and include a KTK Teacher, 2 student Interns, materials, and local transportation.

 KTK can run on a “Shoestring Budget” and does – one request at a time!


Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $10,000


SSG ULTIMATE GOAL: $10,000 OR MORE….$12,000…$15,000…



*** $2,000+/year. One supervising teacher and two KTK paid High School Student Interns to lead workshops with younger students in area schools in each community where KTK is assisting. (including transportation.) These students
also set up KTK After-School Clubs coordinated with other schools through the use of a safe educational WIKI site.

*** $2,000/year. This will pay for added ARTS materials for: Multiple ARTS such as film, TV, Music, Drama,  Dance, Sculpture, etc. for older students. Examples are H.S. Sculpture set-up materials and KTK Interactive Stairwell for Wellness
installations in different schools.

***  $1,500+ would help finance five KTK Art Workshops for Hartford Youth Nonviolence programs: materials for KTK Student Internship training and large frames for completed artwork for public events and displays.

***$3,000/year for Bus Costs for students: to  take KTK H.S. Students to teach at other schools (e.g. to NYC for assisting with Ghana Model UN Students, etc.) Bus Costs: to take students to TV Internships for KTK “Teen Discussions,” a TV
Series in each community where KTK is assisting.

*** $2,000 for NEW KTK Interactive Children’s Workshops for 4 East Coast Museums and Maine Missionary Ship to Out Islands = 6-8  possible workshops in 2015 (presently in planning stages.)

***$3,000 for the LifeLink Schools of Ghana Model UN Workshops in NY & DC Spring 2015 *as explained in example with long distance travel & accommodations.

*** $5,000 cost of Additional Needs over time – KTK will hire part time: Grant / Foundation Fundraiser; Webmaster; Communications and Marketing Director; Bookkeeper; Office Personnel to assist Amie; other KTK Teachers; Teacher
webinars for KTK long distance training; cost of KTK Student WIKI SITE communication tool and www.gotomeeting; QuickBooks / database; other monthly KTK costs. * Note: Our KTK Website needs to be completed!

***$500+ COST of SSG Fundraising Rewards: KTK Student ARTS & ISSUES Images on Mugs, T-Shirts, etc. This is not only OUR REWARD TO DONORS but a way of spreading SOCIAL MESSAGES!


“WITH YOUR HELPKTK Workshops will contribute to the changes we all desire in the world… one community at a time… creating a bridge to understanding the social issues together! ” Amie

HELP teams of students see their artistic creations become standing stones in their community, immediately addressing pertinent social issues including: 

     *** Character Development

     *** Kingian Principles of Nonviolence

     *** Bullying

     *** Five Aspects of Healthy Living

     *** Go Green – Get Going

     *** Climate Change

     *** Exploring Global Issues Using the Arts

     *** Teachers- Become a Facilitator of Change

     *** I Have a Dream ARTS Workshops

     *** Teacher Workshops

     *** Wheel of Artisans

     ***  It’s your community – what are your needs?  TEACHER WORKSHOPS available!

“EVERY donation no matter how small  – ADDS UP !  Thank you for any help you can give!”

Between Wednesday September 17th and Wednesday October 8th  at!

Visit our KTK website to find out more information about our workshops, picture gallery and documentation.*
site under reconstruction!

PLEASE HELP Kids Teaching Kidz Grow BY:

     1. Donating now RIGHT HERE!

     2. Please, Post a LINK or TEXT  all your friends with a link!

     3. Offer your UNIQUE Talents to KTK!  You’ll love working with us – we guarantee it! * go to   our KTK website to leave your name.


“Thank you very much for helping KTK to GROW & BLOSSOM!”  – Amie

DAILY UPDATES: *KTK’s Campaign progress and how we work with schools and organizations on requested workshops will be mentioned on short YouTube videos or tweets during this Fundraising
Campaign by Amie Densmore, Educator/Artist and Founder of KTK.


ULTIMATE GOAL: $10,000 or More !

KTK’s supporters include: new and old friends; co-workers; teachers; administrators; students; and members of the general public who have witnessed the success and effect of each KTK Interactive Workshop.


* * * * * *  KIDS TEACHING KIDZ  DONOR REWARDS  * * * * * *  

KTK Coupons will be given TO DONORS for Shopping ONLINE for gifts

at Our KTK Gallery Store:  or

EVERY DONOR will also be sent a beautiful KTK Thank You Certificate & Tax Exempt Letter!

 “More importantly these gifts bring the “Social-Issues Messages” DEEPER into the local community! Truely, Kids TEACHING…..others!” Amie

FOR  SPONSORSHIP of KTK:  $10,000 and over: Tell us what you would like
“in quantity”  
for distribution to employees, friends and family! Tell us how you would like us to display your name, other than on our rotating widget on our website & KTK Banners at schools
etc. You will also recieve a Beautiful KTK SPONSOR Certificate /wooden placque + Tax – Exempt Letter

You may contact Amie at:


 “THANK YOU, to everyone for believing that KTK can and does truly make a difference in Kids’ lives and the lives of those around them!” Amie

We are Grateful for your help!