School Clubs



After presenting an introductory KTK WORKSHOP to your students, your school will be given both a FREE SCHOOL BANNER and a DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME, to keep the ball rolling with student ENTHUSIAM AND COMMITMENT in believing that they can create change in their local community!

NOW the students of your school can BAND TOGETHER, CREATE A KTK CLUB, (with a KTK school adult advisor and older student interns, paid by KTK) and continue to work on BIG ISSUES, using the HOT School approach (Higher Order Thinking) to create with the ARTS and continue to affect their community. Older students (KTK paid interns) will be supervised at other local schools to teach younger grade levels basic cut and paste KTK workshops on big issues.

IT CAN HAPPEN AND IT WILL HAPPEN!  KIDS want to work on a Safe Global Internet WIKI site, with supervision! A school based WIKI site with pass codes for teachers has been developed by KTK to allow for the continued HOT approach to BIG issues that are found all around the world.

Every place that KTK presents is a place KIDS CAN BLOG WITH KIDZ SAFELY and CREATIVELY, TO RESEARCH AND GET FEEDBACK from others who know what worked for them to solve a BIG issue in their community. They share their successes and KTK exhibits on the supervised WIKI site.

The layout on the safe WIKI site holds no identifying names. Only schools and countries are displayed here as it becomes fully prepared for use in each school. It will be an exciting place where there is no language barrier, where KIDS CAN MEET KIDZ FROM AROUND THE WORLD to RESEARCH and VISUALIZE creative solutions together using the ARTS peacefully!

Back at their home school, KIDZ WILL CREATE UNUSUAL VISUAL PROJECTS, using various ARTS materials that capture attention and TEACH OTHERS valuable information  in order to create the beginnings of real change in their community!