What if problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, compassion and empathy were taught in our schools using interactive arts? Given the opportunity to collaboratively address social issues such as bullying, climate change, and healthy living, KTK students express themselves successfully using the arts no matter what level of artistic ability they possess. By displaying and promoting their work in the community, we empower these students to continue the process, knowing their voices will be heard. Let’s help our youth find their voices, express themselves, and raise awareness for social change in the world!


With your support, KTK interactive art workshops could be offered for FREE to schools and organizations around the world! KTK provides student workshops and teacher seminars on important global, social issues and any local community issues can be addressed upon request. Special KTK workshops have been developed for high school and collage students as well as teachers. KTK program expenses are covered by generous donations and monthly contributions, fundraisers, corporate sponsorships, foundation and government grants. Funds also pay for administrative costs, advanced workshop development, webinars and seminars, teacher/artisan training, as well as the continued involvement of participating schools and students with paid positions necessary for carrying on our KTK after school clubs.

If you have any ideas for raising funds, email with your suggestions or contact us using the form below. Please let us know about any grants, foundations, or corporate sponsorship opportunities that may be able to help KTK provide FREE workshops in your area of the world.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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