Types of Workshops


Types of KTK Workshops & Details

  1. One Single Basic KTK Art Studio Workshop: to produce a work of art as a teaching tool to be exhibited in the community. AM or PM, one 2-3 hour workshop  (20-60 students)
  1. A KTK  Interactive Teacher Art Workshop – Teachers from one school or a group of schools (20-60 adults) gather together for:
  • One or two, 3 hour, AM, PM or afterschool interactive, hands-on art workshop—“Learning to Become a Facilitator of Change.” Teachers experience the power of the arts to create change, using social issues curriculum. Included; how to: fundraise to purchase frames, exhibit student art publicly,  run a KTK afterschool club, create a student board of directors, administer a safe educational wiki site for change.   
  1. Training Older Students to Teach Younger Students Art & Social Issues:
  1. Select one or two high schools groups (of  20-60 students) to meet once a week and/or 2-4 adults to be trained, to meet for Arts and Social Issues Workshops.


  • 2 Days, each with one,  2-3 hour art workshop  (AM or PM) to include:

Day One:  Basic KTK Art Studio experience with one of 4 social issues

Day Two: Introduction to KTK wiki sites, afterschool club and

learn how to simplify your big issues to teach younger students.

(*or this could be all in one day: 3hr / AM and 3hr / PM, with lunch)

 Or:  you can select and schedule aKTK Intensive Training: 

  • 2 Days (consecutive) of  two, 2-3 hour workshops each day (AM and PM)

Day One: AM – Basic art studio experience with one of 4 social issues

PM —Intro to KTK wiki sites, clubs and how to develop a KTK Student Board of Directors

Day Two: AM —2nd Art Studio – your choice of a social issues, club & wiki follow-up session

PM — teach younger students, possibly off site, a Basic KTK Workshop


KTK is flexible for scheduling and different school environments. Your group creates the schedule, KTK facilitates it and provides the materials. NOTE: 3 hours allows for complete closure. Age range is G.r 3 – up, with 20-60 students at one time (depending on room size, floor types and table/desk sizes).




    • 1.5 hours – variable according to situational needs
    • Student/classroom session
      • Maximum = 60 students (3 classes x 20 kids per /class)
        • with three (3) assistants
      • Minimum = 6 —12 students
    • Adult sessions
      • Maximum = 60 participants / per session
      • Minimum = 6 —12 adults
  • TEACHING ENVIRONMENT (students & teachers workshops)
    • Large room with work tables is best – variable according to situation
    • Basic: assorted ‘fade proof’, multi-colored / patterned paper, scissors, glue sticks, and ‘critical thinking’ worksheets – all supplied by KTK
    •          NOTE: Older students use various other ARTS mediums


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